Three More Migrant Groups Detained on the Lithuanian Border with Belarus, a Total of 58 Foreigners

Border guard of the SBGS Vilnius border team caught 12 illegal migrants who had just violated the Belarusian border at the village of Vosiūnai in the Ignalina district. Almost all foreigners had documents confirming Iraqi citizenship and applied for asylum in Lithuania.

Officers of the same team, the Puškai border guard, detained 42 illegal migrants who had violated the border with Belarus at the entrances to Strilungiai village in Ignalina district. They had no documents, introduced themselves as Iraqi citizens, and also applied for asylum.  

Another group of foreigners from Belarus was detained on Tuesday morning by the officers of the Švenčionys border guard of the SBGS Vilnius border team. Undocumented people who introduced themselves as Sri Lankan citizens got stuck crossing the border at the village of Naujoji Janavas in Švenčionys district. They also applied for asylum.

All 58 detainees will be tested for COVID-19 and isolated in the SBGS units pending the results. The circumstances of the events are being clarified, investigations are underway.

Recently, the Ignalina district has become a place where migrants crossing the border illegally from Belarus mostly try to travel. In the last little over two weeks, SBGS officers have detained as many as 14 such groups of aliens, a total of 192 people, at the border within the district.