Three people arrested for smuggling drugs through the Seville airport using a minor to pretend to be a travelling family

Spanish Civil Guard agents, within the framework of operation “Cantero”, have arrested three people who were smuggling drugs through the Seville airport, using a minor to pretend to be a traveling family.

The operation began when the agents were investigating a criminal group that, for a few months, had been making constant trips using, among others, the Seville airport.

Continuing with the investigations, at the end of last month, once the agents identified the alleged suspects, a device was established so that once these people (a man, two women and a young minor) passed the filter Seville airport security personnel were identified.

As a result, the Civil Guard carried out a superficial check on one of these people, and was able to verify that he was wearing a plastic belt attached to his body with about 3000 grams of hashish acorns. Likewise, inside the suitcase there was a container with 380 grams of acorns, stating that she had extracted them from the vaginal cavity once they had passed the security filter. About 300 grams of hashish acorns were seized from the other woman, hidden in a shoe.

Subsequently, and given the suspicions, the three adults were subjected to radiological tests in a hospital, the results being that they had all ingested foreign substances and were carrying them within their bodies.

For this reason, the three oldest were admitted and detained in the hospital as they suffered a serious risk to their lives due to intestinal obstruction.

It should be noted that inside the body, each of them carried about 100 acorns of hashish, weighing approximately 1 kilogram. Each acorn was about 4 cm in size and weighed about 10 grams.

The three detainees had a history of similar acts. The agents have been able to verify that in the last year they have made about 76 flights to different airports in Europe, appearing to be a family traveling with their daughter. The minor was handed over to a relative of one of the detainees.