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Truck loaded with hundreds of thousands of packs of cigarettes and perfumery items, worth over 11 million lei

At the Giurgiu Border Crossing Point, a Turkish citizen, aged 54, presented himself to enter the country, at the wheel of a truck, consisting of a tractor and a semi-trailer. According to the documents presented, the driver was transporting plastic materials from Turkey to Germany.

Based on the risk analysis, the border police carried out a thorough check. Thus, in the cargo compartment, a considerable amount of cigarettes, as well as possibly counterfeit perfumery, was discovered.

Following the inventory of the goods discovered, the amount of 197,685 packs of cigarettes of different brands, having applied tax stamps specific to Turkey, worth over 5,300,000 lei and approximately 15,500 perfumery products of different brands , worth over 6,300,000 lei .