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Turkish citizen investigated in pre-trial detention for migrant trafficking

Romanian border police officers from SPF Giurgiu noticed, with the help of the thermal imaging , a group of people moving from the Romanian bank of the Danube to the interior of the country.

An action was immediately launched to prevent and combat illegal migration, with border guards from SPF Gostinu and STPF Giurgiu also engaged, along with specific research activities in the area.

Following the actions carried out, the group of people, consisting of eleven men, was found on the Gostinu-Giurgiu communication. They were getting into a car parked on the road, driven by another man, a 53-year-old Turkish citizen.

During the verifications, it was established that ten of them are Syrians, and one is a Turkish national, aged between 14 and 36 years and stated that he crossed the Danube River, in the locality of Ruse-Bulgaria, using a boat with engine, boat type.

Arriving on the Romanian shore, they continued their journey to a GPS location, which led them to the car where the Turkish citizen was waiting for them to pick them up and transport them to the western border of Romania.

According to the Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, the eleven foreign nationals were taken over by the representatives of the Bulgarian Border Police, in order to continue the investigations and order the necessary legal measures.  

At the same time, against the Turkish citizen, the driver of the car, the border policemen from STPF Giurgiu carry out investigations, under the coordination of a prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Giurgiu Tribunal, for committing the crime of migrant trafficking.