Two men were arrested in Bulgaria for possession of weapons and drugs bound for Turkey

As part of the police operation, in a car, the policemen found 23 kilograms of dry leaf mass ready for sale and an impressive arsenal. The place where the drugs were grown was also established – a house in a resort village, where more than 400 pots were found. Details of the implementation were announced at a briefing by the director of the Ministry of Internal Affairs-Burgas Senior Commissioner Kaloyan Kaloyanov and the administrative head of the District Prosecutor’s Office, prosecutor Georgi Chinev. They indicated that the marijuana found was packaged and ready for sale. According to prices of the Bulgarian court proceedings, its value amounts to nearly BGN 83,000. Initial data indicate that the drug was supposed to be marketed in Turkey, where its price is many times higher. Nine pistols of different calibers, two Kalashnikov assault rifles, two rifles, 700 rounds of ammunition, a grenade launcher, one combat grenade.

Numerous expert examinations have been assigned to the pre-trial proceedings, some of which will determine whether the discovered weapons were used in the commission of other criminal acts.

The two detainees are 24 and 48 years old, with a clean criminal past, and the most serious measure of remand was taken against them – “detention in custody”, decreed by the Burgas District Court.

They were charged with possession for the purpose of drug distribution and possession of weapons and ammunition without a permit.