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Two Regula devices which are a must at every border checkpoint

Cross-border management is a tough task that requires effective solutions. On the one hand, hardware and software tools must reveal counterfeit documents. On the other hand, they must contribute to rapid and comfortable border crossing. Finding the sweet spot between the two is a crucial objective for the verification industry, and is exactly what Regula solutions do.

Regula devices for first-line document checks have already been approved by the border control services of 80 countries. For more than 30 years of non-stop learning & engineering in the field of document authenticity verification, Regula has created not only impeccable hardware & software solutions, but also training courses on counterfeit detection, as well as an Information Reference System, the most extensive database in the world, which deals with documents from 214 countries and territories. All these ensure security for border crossings and improve the travel experience.

70x4M — Authenticity verification in the blink of an eye
Regula document reader models for border control are equipped with automated authenticity control (AAC) technology, which performs scanning, reading and authenticity verification in just a couple of seconds. All you need to do is put a passport inside the reader. One of the most popular models from the whole product line of readers is the Regula 70X4M. This compact device reads the data page and automatically inspects relevant security features in white, infrared, ultraviolet, and coaxial lights. The advanced Optical Character Recognition technology, trained to work with identity documents, recognizes all sorts of data, including engraved and embossed text. Smart algorithms instantly read barcodes, machine-readable zones and RFID chips. After this step, the device software carries out cross comparison of the textual and graphical data obtained from the VIZ, MRZ and RFID. The Regula 70x4M is optionally supplied with an integrated Information Reference System to compare the examined document with the corresponding document sample from the database. The SDK that comes with every Regula reader is integrated into your existing systems and sets up a customized data handling workflow. The Regula 70X4M is made of hard plastic and is equipped with a flip-top cover to protect against external lighting effects that might affect scanning and character recognition.

4205D — Rapid, precise and super user-friendly
Besides document readers, there is a full range of desktop solutions that can be used for manual checks. They have a wider spectrum of abilities for document examination: they can be used for quick checks of not only passports, but also other types of travel documents, such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, visas, etc. The most popular model from the whole product line of express authenticity verification devices is the Regula 4205D, a compact device which is compatible with the Information Reference System, which includes a vast range of document templates, along with detailed descriptions of their security features, from 214 countries and territories. The device is equipped with white, UV (254, 313, 365 nm), and IR (870, 950 nm) light sources, as well as infrared transmitted 870 nm and oblique 870 nm, and has modules for reading MRZ, RFID chip, and barcodes, as well as a module for IPI visualization. Every tiny detail can be examined, thanks to the 30x on-screen magnification on the 10.1-inch multi-touch screen. The device body is made of metal, and can be attached to a table with a G-lock for anti-theft purposes.

The whole range of Regula products for first-line border control covers mobile, desktop, and embedded solutions. To learn more about them and see the specifications, visit the website: www.regulaforensics.com

by Regula Forensics