Ukraine: Border traffic at high, but stable level

Over recent weeks, the passenger traffic between Ukraine and the European Union has remained relatively stable. The ten-days average number of Ukrainians entering the EU (41 000) was roughly in line with the number of people leaving the EU (43 000).

In total, more than 9.5 million entries to EU, including more than 8.5 million Ukrainian nationals, have been recorded since the beginning of Russia’s invasion.

Land border crossing points have also been experiencing heavy freight traffic from Ukraine in recent weeks. Recovering export of grains by sea may lead to a gradual decrease of such traffic at the land borders.

Frontex analysts predict that any intensification of the conflict in the south of Ukraine might lead to a rise in the number of Ukrainians fleeing their country. In the longer term, socio-economic factors, such as an economic contraction, extensive damage to infrastructure and occupation of territory important for agriculture may also encourage more Ukrainians to enter the EU.

Over 4.1 million persons fleeing Ukraine have registered for temporary protection in the 29 EU+ countries from the beginning of the war to 21 August 2022.

Frontex continues to support the countries neighbouring Ukraine, including Moldova, with 253 staff and officers assisting with border control activities.