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US CBP Agents Intercept Smuggling Attempt

U.S. Border Patrol agents assigned to the Grand Forks Sector intercepted a smuggling attempt near Neche, North Dakota.

In the early morning hours of December 2, Border Patrol agents observed a suspicious vehicle parked near the U.S./Canadian Border, west of Neche, North Dakota. A short time later, a second vehicle on the Canadian side of the border was seen dropping off several individuals. These individuals were then observed crossing into the U.S. on foot and traveled south until arriving at the parked vehicle where they were observed entering the vehicle. Agents subsequently patrolled towards the vehicle and initiated a traffic stop. During the encounter, agents performed an inspection of the driver and all the occupants as to their immigration status. 

Through investigative steps, it was determined all nine subjects, including the driver of the vehicle, were illegally present in the United States. Agents then took all nine individuals into custody and transported them to the Pembina Border Patrol Station for processing.

“I am proud of the work the men and women of Grand Forks Sector do daily to secure our borders,” said Chief Patrol Agent Anthony S. Good. “As a result of the outstanding work by our agents in the field and the collaborative efforts of our partners within the Department of Justice, we were able to criminally-charge those individuals in this case and seek a significant consequence to those seeking to conduct illicit cross border activity. As a reminder, anyone who puts their lives in the hands of a smuggler, is putting their life, and the lives of their family at risk.”

Two of the individuals are being criminally prosecuted for alien smuggling and re-entry after being removed.  The remaining seven subjects are being criminally prosecuted for entering the United States illegally.