US CBP agents seized over $3 Million in Methamphetamine

Laredo Sector Border Patrol agents working in Freer, Texas seized methamphetamine that totaled over $3,000,000 in street value.

 The incident occurred on Nov. 29,  when a Border Patrol agent assigned to the Freer Border Patrol Station was working his assigned duties when he arrived to assist Duval County Sheriff Deputy with a vehicle stop.   A Border Patrol canine was also called to assist and the Service canine  alerted to the vehicle.  The vehicle was transported to the Border Patrol Checkpoint on Highway 59.  A non-intrusive scan was conducted that revealed anomalies in the rear bumper.  Agents discovered numerous bundles inside the vehicle.

The bundles were removed from the vehicle which tested positive for methamphetamine.  The methamphetamine had a total weight of 111.75 pounds with a street value of $3,576,320.00