US CBP AMO P-3 Locates Northbound Vessel Interdicted by Federal Law Enforcement in St. Croix with 6,305 Pounds of Cocaine

Federal and local law enforcement seized Monday 6,305 pounds (2,860 Kilograms) of cocaine and arrested four Venezuelan nationals after they landed their boat on the coast of Long Point.

A US Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations P-3 AEW aircraft located an open hull go-fast vessel with multiple bales and fuel containers at plain view, navigating northbound.

The Royal Naval Ship launched two small boats to intercept and upon initial encounter, the go-fast failed to heave and a pursuit ensued. The go-fast jettisoned bales overboard and started heading at high speed toward the area of Long Point.

The go-fas vessel reached Long Point and the four subjects jumped out of and absconded by a heavily brushed area in a housing complex. 

Virgin Islands Police, Homeland Security Investigation and Drug Enforcement Administration agents searched the area and arrested four men who claimed to be Venezuelan nationals.

Crews from the Royal Navy and CBP Air and Marine Operations recovered 20 bales of narcotics from the water. Agents found inside the Eduardono type vessel 74 bales of contraband. 

“In the relentless pursuit of justice, the collaborative efforts between British and US law enforcement in the Virgin Islands have yielded a significant victory against the global drug trade,” indicated Creighton Skeen, Acting Director of Air and Marine Operations in the Caribbean. “This is the biggest seizure we have made in this particular area and stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to dismantling criminal networks and protecting our communities. Together, we send a clear message that transnational crime will not go unchecked, and our cooperation serves as a powerful force in safeguarding the rule of law and ensuring the safety of our citizens.”