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Vision-Box introduces a new generation of accessible biometric technologies with their Seamless Kiosk solution

Vision-Box have recently unveiled their Seamless Kiosk, built upon a new generation of biometric technology aiming to transform the passenger travel experience of those facing accessibility challenges when navigating airports.  

Using a new immersive camera system, the Seamless Kiosk provides an exceptional user experience through its enhanced biometric and biographic capture performance, increasing the speed of the passenger handling process with an accessible design, and a smart passenger guide system, based on artificial intelligence to help any user to follow instructions intuitively.  

The key accessibility features offered by the Seamless Kiosk include an audible and highly tactile assistive interface for navigation and selection of screen-based content, braille signs to support visually impaired users, and a full-frontal face capture module optimized with automatic height and dynamic illumination adjustments to enable an accurate capture process.  

The kiosks are compliant with European, United States and Canadian disability acts, and combine the newest Common Use Self-Service (CUSS) 2.0 platform and Border Control processing, including Entry/Exit System (EES) requirements.