Webinar recording now available: Port Security – Threats and Vulnerabilities

Listen to Mike Edgerton, Manager of Port Security, New York and New Jersey Port Authority and Daniel Damjanovic, Operation Neptune, INTERPOL and learn more.

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Ports are the lifeblood of the global economy. Around 80 per cent of global trade by volume and over 70 per cent of global trade by value is carried by sea and is handled by ports worldwide. Ports collectively carry an incredibly high throughput of goods and passengers year-on-year.

They are also de facto border crossings, serving as nodal points for the intersection of maritime transport of goods and people to rail and road networks. But their importance makes them targets and their volume of traffic in and out makes them vulnerable, both as targets themselves and as a points of entry for illicit goods, drugs, human trafficking, terrorists and weapons, including WMD’s.

Ports are probably one of the most complex border environments, requiring co-operation between, port authorities and operators, ship and cruise operators, coastguards, border guards, immigration officials, national police and transport police.

This webinar discussed how we can maintain the free movement of goods and people, whilst ensuring the highest level of security.

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