Working meeting between the management of the Romanian Border Police, the one of the Republic of Moldova and FRONTEX

Chief Commissioner of Police IVAȘCU Victor Ștefan, inspector general of the Romanian Border Police, had a trilateral working meeting with the delegation of the European Border Police Agency and the Coast Guard (FRONTEX), led by Deputy Executive Director LARS GERDES, as well as the Moldovan Border Police delegation led by Deputy Inspector General of this institution, Chief Commissioner of Police FIODOROV Valentin.

During the meeting, the heads of the three delegations analyzed the status and prospects of Romanian-Moldovan cooperation, in the context of current challenges, but also the possible additional human and logistical resource needs that may come from the Agency, both in support of PFR and border of the Republic of Moldova.

The discussions also identified other operational needs that can be made available to the institutions of the two countries, for the successful implementation of the joint operation Terra 2022-Reinforced, an operation hosted by 12 countries at the external land border of the European Union.

On this occasion, Mr. LARS GERDES particularly appreciated the level of cooperation between the two institutions on the Romanian-Moldovan border, but also the mobilization of the authorities of the two states in managing border challenges in providing humanitarian assistance to those in need.

During the same working visit, the general inspector of the PFR had a meeting with the management of the Territorial Inspectorate of the Iași Border Police. In this context, the chief inspector of ITPF Iași, Mr. Chief Police Commissioner Mariniuc Victor, presented the situation registered at the border with the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine, in the area of ​​responsibility.

Thus, it was highlighted that the staff of the PTFs in the area of ​​competence was supplemented, being also equipped with mobile control stations. At the same time, service shifts have been supplemented to strengthen the control and surveillance of the European Union’s land border.