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World Border Security Congress Exhibitor Tek84 Intercept, a High-Security Body Scanning System, Sales Surpass 400 Mark

Tek84 Inc. today announced that U.S. sales of Intercept™, the company’s patented full body x-ray scanning system, have surpassed more than 400 units since its introduction two years ago. The 400th Intercept was purchased by Broward County in South Florida and will be located at one of its facilities in Fort Lauderdale. The company is on pace to have more than 500 units deployed in more than 40 states by year end. This milestone makes Intercept the nation’s fastest growing high security detection system for jails, prisons, and juvenile detention facilities.

Intercept detects threats concealed under clothing and inside body cavities. In less than four seconds, Intercept can discover weapons, drugs, cell phones and other contraband. The patented, ultra-low dose transmission x-ray system uses about 1% the x-ray level of a medical exam and is compliant with FDA standards for security screenings. Intercept is the only body scanner built for the corrections market that is made in the USA.

“Intercept is the most advanced security scanning system available, and an essential tool for law enforcement and prison staff to help keep people safe,” said Steven Smith, Ph.D., Tek84 Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer. “It is safe, easy to use and serves the high-level threat detection needs of jails, correctional facilities and critical government infrastructure, such as border crossings and military security operations.”

The company attributes the strong sales growth of Intercept to technological and design advantages. Intercept scans stationary subjects in 3.8 seconds using a proprietary vertical imaging mechanism, producing high resolution images with minimum distortion. Conventional scanners require subjects to stand on a moving conveyor for seven to 14 seconds as they pass through an angled beam that does not accurately capture bodily proportions.

“Another key strength of Intercept is that all customer training is conducted by medically certified radiology professionals,” said Dr. Smith. “In addition to operating the system, we teach users how to read body scan images so they can quickly locate and identify contraband.”

An optional Intercept feature is an FDA-approved thermal scanner that records and stores a subject’s body temperature. This non-contact screening can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other virus, protecting staff, correctional officers and inmates.

Tek84 also offers the TekNet™ network storage device and Intercept Manager™ software, enabling users to store, view, compare and manage more than 13 million encrypted scans from multiple Intercept scanners. Centralized control allows remote access and management of stored data from a single location, with image data backup to a single searchable database.

Intercept is compact, requiring a floor space of only 34 by 72 inches. The footprint of other body scanners is three times larger and requires a large safety zone of five to eight feet in all directions that must be free of individuals during operation.