World Trade Organization without World Border Security Congress

Border Security is the act of protecting our borders from the illegal movement of people, drugs, contraband, while promoting lawful entry and exit. It is the first line of defence against the illegal cross border movement of criminal elements. Access to international market plays an important role to economic development of countries.

No country produces all the goods and services needed by its citizens. This underscores the necessity to exchange goods and services between and among countries in addition to other resources.

Small scale cross border trade is of substantial importance as the world battle to heal the economic wound of Covid 19. Women in informal cross border trade in West African Countries also make a major contribution to trade which if properly organized can have positive Macroeconomic and socio economic benefit alleviate promote income generation. Women in cross border trade generate about 40-60% of gross domestic product. This calls for the involvement of world trade organization to integrate Boarder Security in its policies and programmes.

In reaching the Global vision and mission World border Security Congress has appreciably mobilized/Global policy maker to solve and confront the challenges of cross border organized crimes, conflicts, highlighted the need for more secure border management through intelligence sharing, information exchange and international Co-operation in dealing with Cross border issues. Border Security Congress has provided International annual platform where current issues, challenges and future policies and implementation strategies are debated and decision taken for safer borders.

I am quite sure that Dr. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala is aware of the World Trade Organization founding Marrakesh agreement which recognizes that trade should be conducted with a view to raising standards of living ensuring full employment increasing real income and expanding global trade in goods and services while allowing for the optional use of world’s resources. Taking world Border Security Congress activities inside her policy hand bag and bank rolling can be an overt strategy to realize her vision as President of the high esteem World Trade Organization. As the only international organization dealing with the rules of trade between Nations. Considering the positive impact of Cross border trade, Peace and Security to economic development, World Trade Organization should prioritize Global Policy Initiative to enhance Border Security.

By Martin Igwe, The Director Media & Advocacy, West African Action Network on Small Arms (WAANSA Nigeria)