Searches of a criminal network specializing in migrant trafficking

Starting with September of this year, the border police officers from ITPF Timişoara carried out investigations into the criminal activity of a trafficking network, recruiting, guiding, housing and transporting people from the Middle East and Asia to Western European countries.

From the preliminary investigations carried out, it was established that the persons involved are Iraqi citizens, who were well organized, with precisely delimited attributions in the criminal activity. Iraqi citizens took over the groups of migrants and took care of their shelter in locations in the city of Timisoara, during which time they organized their embarkation in road complexes to be illegally crossed the border to Western European states.

The research showed that migrants paid organizers between 1,000 and 2,000 euros.

Today, 18.10.2021, the border policemen carried out two searches at two locations in Timişoara, where a number of 14 foreign citizens from Syria, Iran, Iraq, Tibet and India were found and taken to the inspectorate.

The action benefited from the support of the Timişoara Mobile Gendarmes Group, and the investigations are continued by the border police, under the coordination of the case prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Timiş Tribunal, in order to detect all persons involved and establish the entire criminal activity.