1,200 pistols suspected of being lethal weapons, detected at the Romanian PTF Negru Vodă border crossing point

At the Negru Vodă Border Crossing Point, a 54-year-old Ukrainian citizen presented himself to enter the country, driving a semi-trailer truck, registered in Ukraine. According to the accompanying documents, the man was transporting gas pistols for a company in Ukraine.

Since there is a suspicion that the pistols are part of the category of lethal weapons subject to authorization, the border policemen accompanied the road vehicle to the Port of Constanța, and together with the customs workers from the Constanța-South Border Customs Office, they unsealed the cargo compartment of the means of transport and carried out its thorough control.

Following the checks, 60 boxes containing 1,200 pistols , brand Stalker, caliber 9 mm , were discovered , which were picked up for examination. 

In the case, the border police are conducting investigations under the coordination of the prosecutor from the Prosecutor’s Office attached to the Constanța Court, in terms of committing the crimes of  qualified smuggling and non-compliance with the weapons and ammunition regime .