131 migrants hidden in trucks, detected within 24 hours, at the border with Hungary

A Turkish citizen and a Romanian citizen, driving vehicles registered in Turkey and Romania, presented themselves for border formalities on the way out of the country. They were transporting, according to the documents accompanying the cargo, tires and electric motors for commercial companies in Poland and Italy.

Following an inspection of the two vehicles, 4 citizens from Afghanistan – in the truck driven by the Romanian citizen and 40 citizens from Bangladesh and Pakistan – in the vehicle driven by the Turkish citizen were discovered, hidden in the cargo compartments.

Another case was registered at the Nădlac Border Crossing Point, Arad county , where the Arad border police carried out a thorough control of a vehicle, driven by a Turkish citizen. According to the documents accompanying the goods, it was transporting textiles on the Turkey-England route.

During the checks, the border police discovered 21 people hidden among the transported goods . Upon investigation, officers determined that those in question are citizens of Syria and Turkey.

Similar actions also took place at the Vărsand Border Crossing Point, where, following checks carried out on some vehicles containing metal components and auto parts for companies from Poland and Sweden, the border police discovered 15 citizens from India, Nepal, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sudan, hidden among the transported goods.

During this morning, at the Borș II Border Crossing Point , officers found 51 foreign citizens hiding, in a road complex, between double-glazed windows on a PVC support. Of these, 28 are from Bangladesh, 14 from India, 6 from Pakistan and 3 from Nepal.