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A migrant in a state of hypothermia, hidden on the chassis of a truck, rescued by the Dolj border police

At the Calafat Border Crossing Point, a 54-year-old Bulgarian citizen, who was driving a truck, showed up for the border formalities on the way into the country. According to the documents accompanying the goods, the driver was transporting metal parts, loaded from Turkey to Great Britain.

Following the preliminary check on the means of transport, the border guards found that a male person was hiding on the chassis.

At the time of the descent, the person in question complained of malaise and hypothermia. The border police immediately provided him with first aid and requested medical assistance through SNUAU 112.

A crew of the Calafat Ambulance Service arrived on the scene, which transported the man to the headquarters of the Calafat Municipal Hospital, to provide specialized assistance.

Subsequently, after the condition of the detected person was stabilized, the border police continued the investigations against him. Thus, our colleagues established that the 28-year-old man is from Afghanistan and climbed on the chassis of the means of transport while on the territory of Bulgaria, without the driver being aware of it. The Afghan citizen intended to arrive in Germany.

According to the Romanian-Bulgarian protocol, the detected person, the driver and the means of transport were taken over by the Bulgarian authorities, in order to continue the investigations and order the necessary legal measures.