157 Kilograms of Drugs and Smuggled Goods Seized at Border Crossings to Europe by Customs Enforcement Teams

In the operations carried out consecutively by the Ministry of Commerce Edirne Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, in addition to a total of 157 kilograms of cannabis; 30 kilograms of dimieta tea, 400 thousand cigarette papers and filters, 1650 automobile spare parts, 5 thermal binoculars, 240 smart watches, 145 mobile phones, 235 cases and chargers were seized.

Vehicles deemed risky in drug seizures carried out by Customs Enforcement teams were x-rayed. As a result of the screening, it was decided to open and control the vehicles. The vehicles were taken to the search hangar and searched with the participation of detector dogs. In the first vehicle where the detector dogs reacted, a total of 113 kilograms of cannabis was seized in five black bags left on the legal load. The second tool is required to be inserted in a similar manner to Turkey as well as 16 kilograms of cannabis were also captured in 1650 Total auto spare parts. In another drug operation carried out, this time the narcotic detector dog detected the location of 28 kilograms of cannabis in the mask auto spare tire and ensured its capture.

The seizures of the Edirne Customs Enforcement, Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate were not limited to drugs. In the operations teams to Turkey to be inserted from the road tax payment of illegal desired 5 thermal binoculars, intelligent 240 hours, 145 235 mobile phone covers and chargers were seized.

In addition to the electronic items seized in the operations, thanks to the tea tobacco detector dog, 30 kilograms of dimeta tea and 400 thousand pieces of paper and filter and cigarette wrapping machines were seized.

It was determined that the approximate value of the confiscated commercial goods reached one million Turkish lira. Investigations continue while seizing the drugs and commercial goods seized, as well as the vehicles used for the transport of these products.