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1,750,000 worth excise stamps for cigarettes, likely to be counterfeit, discovered at Romanian border

Two Turkish citizens, both 43 years old, were driving to the Calafat Border Crossing Point to carry out the border control formalities, on their way to enter the country.

According to the documents presented, the drivers were transporting fruit loaded from Turkey and destined for Polish companies.

 Following the checks, the border guards discovered in the cabins of the two means of transport, several cardboard boxes containing excise stamps for cigarettes, specific to Ukraine, which could be false.

At the same time, the two Turkish drivers could not present documents of origin for the above-mentioned goods.

In this context, the border guards, supported by the representatives of the Calafat Customs Bureau, proceeded to inventory the goods in question, resulting in a quantity of 1,750,000 excise stamps for cigarettes.

The products were seized in order to continue the investigations by the representatives of the Calafat Customs Bureau, and in this case the border police officers are investigating the two drivers for committing the crime of false material in official documents.