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23 home searches in the counties of Galați, Iași and Suceava counties for the destructuring of a tobacco smuggling network

In the autumn of 2020, several people formed an organized criminal group, specializing in smuggling cigarettes from Ukraine, smuggled into the country, by evading border control.

After the introduction on the Romanian territory, the cigarettes were stored by the members of the organized criminal group, at locations located in Suceava County, from where they were taken by the group leader and transported to various locations in Iasi and Galati counties, administered by other members of the criminal group. , which managed their distribution activity.

Following the searches, 14,285 packs of cigarettes, the amounts of 354,450 lei, 64,200 euros, two cars, as well as 800 grams of cannabis were seized.

A number of 35 people will be taken to the DIICOT headquarters – Galati Territorial Service for the hearing.

The action benefited from the support of the border police officers from ITPF Iași and STPF Suceava and of the gendarmes from IJJ Galați, Mobile Brigade of Gendarmes Bacău and IJJ Iași.

The specialized support was provided by the Special Operations Department.