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32 and a half kilos of cocaine seized on a ship in the port of La Luz in Las Palmas

In a joint action by the Spanish Civil Guard and the Tax Agency, 32.5 kilos of cocaine have been seized, divided into twenty-five solid packages, which was inside a hidden package in the submerged part of the hull of a merchant ship from Brazil .

The intervention is the result of the surveillance and monitoring that the agents carry out on the ships that call at the port of Luz in Las Palmas that come from the so-called “hot routes”.

For this reason, the agents carry out a meticulous documentary analysis of the ships coming from these “hot routes” in recent months, among which was the one that contained the indicated drug.

It should be noted that in order to carry out a more exhaustive inspection of the ship, especially in the part of the hull that is submerged, the collaboration of members of the Special Group on Underwater Activities (GEAS) was requested, who located the substance seized in the aspiration systems. located in the hull. This action has been the second intervention of this type in the last month.

Once the packages were extracted from the water, the appropriate ‘narcotest’ checks were carried out, giving a positive result for cocaine, and all of this weighing 32.5 kilograms, valued at more than 1,144,000 euros.

The police proceedings in conjunction with the seized substance have been made available to the Investigating Court of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.