Nineteen foreign citizens, illegally entering Romania detected by the border police using drones

Border police officers using land and aerial surveillance means, such as drones (UAVs) equipped with optoelectronic systems with night vision, detected in the forest near the town of Făurei, ten people, moving from the border with the Republic of Bulgaria. Their surveillance continued, in order to identify the guide who would have facilitated the illegal crossing of the state border. Since no people were observed in the vicinity of the border, the border policemen proceeded to summon and detain them, establishing the fact that they were all without identity documents and who could not speak the Romanian language.

As a result of the research, it turned out that they are Syrian and Iraqi citizens, who illegally crossed the state border of Romania from Bulgaria. Given the low temperature, around -14 degrees, a prolonged exposure to the cold could endanger the lives of these people.