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38 migrants, hidden in a truck and two vans, found by Arad border police

Two 33-year-old Romanian citizens showed up for the border formalities, on the way out of the country. , respectively 42, behind the wheel of two vans registered in Romania.

Following a thorough inspection of the means of transport, the border guards identified two specially arranged spaces between the cargo compartment and the rear seat of the passenger compartment intended for persons.

Sixteen Sri Lankan citizens, aged between 22 and 51, were found hidden inside the two compartments , legally entering the country on the basis of personal documents.

A few minutes later, at the same border crossing point, a Romanian citizen driving a car registered in Italy, accompanied by a Sri Lankan citizen, showed up for the formalities in order to leave the country.

Based on the risk analysis, the physical control of the car was performed, and inside it were discovered the luggage and identity documents of the persons hidden in the two means of transport mentioned above.

This morning, at the same border crossing point, the Arad border police officers carried out a detailed control of a road complex, registered in Romania, without cargo, driven by a 38-year-old Romanian citizen.

Based on the risk analysis, the border guards discovered, hidden in the front of the semi-trailer, in a specially arranged place (double wall), twenty-two people. In our research, our colleagues found that the people in question were fifteen people from Turkey, six from Syria and one from Iraq, aged between 18 and 35.