Spanish National Police dismantles the criminal cocaine trafficking organization led by “the fearsome Calín”

Spanish National Police, in a joint operation with the Customs Surveillance Service of the Tax Agency and the Portuguese Judiciary Police, have dismantled the cocaine trafficking criminal organization led by “the fearsome Calín”. A total of 15 people with different roles in an organization dedicated to the introduction and distribution of cocaine in Spain have been arrested, including the leader of the criminal network of Dominican origin. The agents have carried out numerous searches in Madrid (7), Alcorcón (1), Getafe (1) and Granada (1), resulting in the seizure of 83 kilos of cocaine, 28 telephone terminals, a revolver, seven vehicles, two scales and numerous documentation, among other effects.

The investigation began in April 2021 when the agents learned that a man of Dominican origin was allegedly responsible for the transfer of a woman to Lanzarote carrying 60 balls of cocaine among her belongings, which is why she was arrested at the Lanzarote Airport. Adolfo Suarez Madrid-Barajas. The agents found out that he turned out to be a feared drug trafficker known as “the fearsome Calín.” In addition, this individual was being investigated by the National Police since 2019 as being responsible for the introduction into Spain of 40 kilos of cocaine through the Madrid airport. 

Thanks to several police efforts, the agents identified the member of the organization in charge of the distribution of cocaine in Asturias and Cantabria. At the end of February, they detected how this individual left his home in a van and met another man who was aboard a tourism. Subsequently, both vehicles traveled to a farm located in a small town in Granada, to subsequently undertake the return trip to Madrid. Once in the capital, the vehicles were intercepted, locating 3.5 kilos of cocaine hidden in a “cove” for which the agents arrested the transporter, the driver of the shuttle vehicle and the person who was going to receive the drug in Madrid . After being brought to justice, the entry into prison of all of them was decreed.

The investigators detected that the final recipient of the drug and leader of the organization, fled to Portugal upon realizing the arrests. After issuing a European Arrest Warrant in the name of the person under investigation, he was arrested by the Portuguese Judiciary Police when he tried to escape to his country of origin. At the same time, two other men were arrested, specifically those in charge of the sale of the narcotic substance and the laundering of money from the illicit business.

They introduced 80 kilos of cocaine hidden in suitcases, through the Lisbon Airport

Thanks to the investigative efforts carried out, the agents learned that those under investigation could be the owners of a suitcase seized at Lisbon Airport in October 2021, which contained 30 blocks of one kilo of cocaine and two other , located at the same airport at the end of January this year with 50 kilograms of the same substance. At that time, through the International Cooperation Division and the Interior Attaché of the Spanish Embassy in Lisbon, the collaboration mechanisms were activated, being able to corroborate the suspicions. 

The investigations carried out by the Portuguese police made it possible to identify the traveler whose name was on the suitcases, confirming that he was part of the investigated criminal group. At the beginning of March, the agents located him in Madrid, where he was arrested along with the owners of the seized substance. Among those arrested was a woman who used false documentation from Belgium in order to hide an arrest warrant, ordered by Italy, for drug trafficking. The six detainees, after being brought to justice, entered prison.

15 people arrested and 10 searches in Madrid and Granada

The operation against the criminal organization, responsible for the control of numerous points of sale in different parts of the national territory such as Cantabria, Asturias and Madrid, has ended with the arrest of 15 people and the carrying out of 10 searches in homes in Madrid (7), Alcorcón (1), Getafe (1), and in the Granada municipality of Huétor Tájar (1), in which 83,100 kilos of cocaine, a revolver, seven vehicles, 4,240 euros in cash, 28 mobile phones, two scales have been seized. and two vacuum packaging machines. In addition, they have also seized 560 grams of hashish, six high-end watches, 15 luxury bags, two laptops, a tablet and numerous documents.