80 foreign nationals found hiding in a truck trying to enter Hungary from Romania

At the Nădlac II Border Crossing Point , three Romanian citizens and one Turkish, who were at the wheel of road vehicles registered in Romania and Bulgaria, showed up for border formalities on the way out of the country. The drivers transported various goods for trading companies in France, Italy and Slovakia.

Following the thorough control of the means of transport, 76 foreign citizens were discovered hidden in the cargo compartments, among the transported goods.

The persons were picked up and transported to the headquarters of the sector for investigations where, following checks, the border police established that they are citizens of various Afro-Asian countries (Bangladesh, Nepal, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Syria), most of whom entered our country legally on the basis of personal documents, which they intended to arrive fraudulently in various states in Western Europe.

Also, at the Turnu Border Crossing , our colleagues checked a van registered in Romania, driven by a 35-year-old Romanian citizen. After the check, they discovered four people in the driver’s rest compartment . During the preliminary checks, the border guards determined that they are citizens of Nepal and Bangladesh, aged between 23 and 36 years.