Dismantled in Zaragoza an organization dedicated to the transport of large amounts of drugs internationally

The Spanish Civil Guard and Customs Surveillance of the Tax Agency have arrested ten members of a drug trafficking organization in Zaragoza that distributed large quantities of drugs to different European countries.Started in April, the Lorenmau operation has concluded with the seizure of 1,560 kilos of hashish and 92 kilos of marijuana. The members of this network -detained for crimes against public health, money laundering and belonging to a criminal organization- kept strong security measures in each transport.  Some movements that were made with a very studied logistics in each of the routes, using for this purpose legal transport companies in whose trucks they would introduce the narcotic substance inside pallets, hidden among the legal merchandise or in double bottoms.The ringleader of this drug trafficking network, resident in Zaragoza, had created a network of companies related to transportation and real estate to try to provide the necessary infrastructure. For this, it had rental services for different vehicles and hotel accommodations. These companies were also a means of money laundering. 

560 kilos of hashish destined for Italy

In the course of the investigation, the Judicial Police officers of the Civil Guard in Zaragoza and citizen security agents of the Angüés Civil Guard Post (Huesca) found 560 kilos of hashish inside a truck bound for Italy. The inspection took place on the N-240 in the municipality of Siétamo.After these arrests, EDOA specialists from Zaragoza located a warehouse located in an industrial estate in La Cartuja (Zaragoza) that would be used as a drug nursery.  The agents found there a total of five containers with some cartons impregnated with diesel oil -to confuse the detection dogs- that covered hashish and marijuana. Inside were a total of 30 bales of hashish, distributed in tablets, whose weight amounted to one ton and 92 kg of marijuana that were in 74 heat-sealed plastic bags.  In the searches carried out in the homes and vehicles of the detainees, the agents have also intervened more than ten thousand euros, seven vehicles, an indoor marijuana crop that housed 336 plants and seven complete planters of 100 plants each, cannabis sativa.