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A citizen of Turkmenistan who was detained with them confessed to helping the foreigners illegally cross the Polish border

On Wednesday, August 16, Border Guard officers from the post in Tuplice, during a routine patrol in the Żagań poviat, stopped a BMW with Polish registration plates driving towards the border with Germany for roadside inspection. The car was driven by a 45-year-old citizen of Turkmenistan who did not have identity documents with him.

It was transporting a group of seven Turks who, although they had passports confirming their identity, did not have documents entitling them to enter and stay on the territory of our country. Foreigners were detained for attempting to cross the border from Poland to Germany, and proceedings were initiated against them for obliging them to return. The Turks pleaded guilty to the charges against them and exercised their right to voluntarily submit to a six-month prison sentence with a conditional suspension of two years of probation. Until the decision on the need to leave Poland was issued, Turkish citizens were placed under the supervision of the Border Guard.

In turn, the driver of the vehicle was detained for helping migrants in trying to cross the Polish-German border against the regulations. He heard the charges, confessed to the alleged act and exercised his right to voluntarily submit to the penalty of 8 months imprisonment with a conditional suspension of two years of probation. In addition, proceedings were initiated against him resulting in forced departure from our country. Until then, the citizen of Turkmenistan was placed in a guarded center for foreigners.