A large amount of narcotic substances, weapons and ammunition were seized during a special operation carried out by forensic experts of the “Narcotics”

The actions started after a long operational work. Forensic experts found a 44-year-old man from Varna in front of his home in Mladost quarter. At the sight of the uniformed men, he threw a large bag into his car, but his escape attempt was thwarted. A search of the car followed, in which forensics found almost the entire range of narcotics, a combat pistol with a silencer and obliterated serial numbers and three boxes of ammunition. 

Procedural-investigative actions were also carried out at the address inhabited by him and his brother. In addition to the weapon and ammunition, a total of marijuana – 15.62 g, methamphetamine – 351.03 g, heroin – 1,799.73 g, cocaine – 908.36 g, ecstasy – 111.39 g and hashish 198.32 g, electronic scale, BGN 12,000 and EUR 20,000.