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A man from Sofia arrested for transporting refugees

A 54-year-old man from Sofia with a criminal record, transporting seven Syrian refugees, was detained today by officers of the “Border Police” – Burgas after a short pursuit in the area before the junction for Chernomorets. Around noon, officers from the border police unit, located around the asphalt base near Marinka, signaled with a “stop” baton to the driver of a Mercedes car, with Vidin registration, who did not comply with the police orders, passed gas to the law enforcement officers , trying to run them over, increased speed and entered the nearby clover. Instead of going to Burgas, however, the driver went in the direction of Sozopol, being followed by the border team.

After a report was filed, a second team of the “Border Police”, located in the area of ​​the Rosene Park, managed to stop the Mercedes cars driving aggressively and endangering the lives of those traveling to Sozopol in the area of ​​the Atia intersection. One of the border police officers approached the Mercedes, but the driver again gave the gas sharply, aimed at the officer, trying to run him over, and drove off towards Chernomorets. The border guard shot with his service pistol in the direction of the car with a stop cartridge to stop it from going. The shot broke the integrity of the driver’s window, but despite this, the driver of the Mercedes drove off and was neutralized about 200 m before the junction for Chernomorets. When the driver’s window was broken, the man from Sofia suffered minor superficial injuries in the area of ​​the left hand.

In the passenger compartment of the car were found seven men who illegally crossed the border of Bulgaria, self-identified as Syrians. They were detained and taken to the room for detained persons at the Border Police Department – Burgas.