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A Polish Border Guard Unit detained 7 people involved in aiding in the illegal crossing of the Polish-Belarusian border

Six traffickers who tried to transport 22 foreigners who illegally crossed the Polish-Belarusian border into Western Europe were detained. 

Border Guard officers in the town of Nowosady detained a Ukrainian citizen who was transporting 4 Afghan citizens and an Iranian citizen, and a citizen of Uzbekistan who was transporting 5 Afghan citizens. 

Two Georgian citizens transporting 3 Syrian citizens and a Yemeni citizen were detained in Hajnówka, and in Świnoroje a Belarusian citizen who was transporting 6 illegal migrants (4 Sri Lankan citizens, Indian and Pakistani citizens). 

On the other hand, a Ukrainian citizen who was carrying three Yemeni citizens was detained in Sobolewo by officers from the Border Guard Post in Bobrowniki together with the Police.

On Friday (May 26), the Police officers in Dubiny, cooperating with the Border Guard, detained a Ukrainian citizen who was transporting 6 Afghan citizens.

In addition to charges for aiding and abetting illegal border crossings, all couriers will be subject to administrative proceedings in order to issue a decision obliging them to return to their country of origin. Detained foreigners for helping other people to cross the border of the Republic of Poland against the regulations are punishable by up to 8 years. They will also be banned from entering the Schengen area for 5 to 10 years.