Amber smuggling on the Lithuanian-Russian border

Officers of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service (SBGS) noticed a suspicious object floating on the Nemunas near the village of Bitėnai in Pagėgiai municipality. The Lithuanian-Russian border runs in the middle of the river.

A border guard boat was immediately sent to this place, and its crew pulled a floating bundle from the river. It was wrapped in polyethylene. After dismantling the package, the border guards found about 15.4 kg of amber in it.

There is no doubt that this smuggling into the Nemunas was dropped on the Russian side and had to reach the Lithuanian coast by water. A thick fishing line leading to the Russian side was attached to the cargo, so the smugglers apparently controlled the movement of amber.

Two cynologists at the Bardini Border Guard inspected the river bank with service dogs, but neither people nor suspicious items were present here. The incident was also reported to the Russian border guards.

Investigation is in progress. Amber is stored in the Pagėgiai border team.