BOC-NAIA Seizes Php 3.5 Million worth of Exotic Aquatic Wildlife

BOC-NAIA Seizes Php 3.5 Million worth of Exotic Aquatic Wildlife

The Bureau of Customs Port, through the Ports Environmental Protection and Compliance Division Enforcement and Security Service (EPCD-ESS), seized misdeclared exotic aquatic wildlife amounting to Php 3.5 Million, in PAL PSI in Pasay City.

The animals were part of an importation of a certain Aquaxotic Enterprises and originated from Thailand. Among those seized were 180 albino soft shelled turtles and 120 pacman turtles and 38,188 various exotic fishes. Also discovered were various aquatic plants such as 718 anubias plants and 260 pieces of microsorium plants. The shipment was estimated to amount to Php 3.5 Million.

The said shipment included animals and plants not declared under the Aquaxotic’s permit to import and thus constitutes a violation of Sec. 1400 of RA 10863 also known as the Customs Modernization and Tarrif Act (CMTA).

Just recently, BOC-NAIA was recognized by TRAFFIC Southeast Asia for the Port’s efforts against wildlife trafficking for 2021 which resulted to the interception of 923 tarantulas and otger arachnids, 5 centipedes, 66 Philippine and Malaysian reptiles, 22 Thailand bearded dragons and 6 thailand live tegus.

BOC-NAIA shall continue to perform border security efforts against illegal wildlife trafficking in accordance with BOC Commissioner Rey Leonardo B. Guerrero’s drive against smuggling.