Boosting regional capacity to detect fake travel documents – Strengthening border security in South America by spotting and investigating counterfeit travel documents

The detection of fraudulent travel documents to prevent the international movement of criminals and terrorists was the focus of a training course involving border control officers, immigration representatives, document experts and forensic document examiners from Brasilia.

The five-day (21-25 June) training course, delivered jointly by INTERPOL’s Counterfeit and Security Documents Branch (CCSD) and international digital security company Regula, will have enabled regional experts to examine new printing methods, the latest document security features, recent document verification technologies and current examination techniques.

“The 9th joint INTERPOL-Regula training has served to consolidate the abilities of forensic and immigration police officers to prevent international criminals from travelling. This training helps participants to consolidate their skillsets and with the assistance of Regula equipment to strengthen national security in Brazil and across South America too,” said Andrei Dumski, Regula’s Head of International Marketing and Business Development.

The course agenda included INTERPOL’s role in combating security documents counterfeiting, printing and personalization techniques, security document examination devices and techniques, the automatic verification of travel documents with passport readers, the facial identification process, and the forensic examination of security documents.

INTERPOL CCSD Coordinator Daniela Djidrovska said: “This is the first combined online and on-site security documents examination training delivered jointly with our partner Regula to Brazilian law enforcement authorities. In these challenging times we are happy that Regula representatives were able to attend the course in Brasilia and provide the training tools and equipment for security document examination, thus enhancing the knowledge and skills of participants in the fight against travel document counterfeiting.”

The course was delivered via combined online and on-site CCSD-Regula interactive training modules.