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Contraband cigarettes, tobacco and other counterfeit goods, estimated at a value of approximately 14 million

At the Romanian Zimnicea Border Crossing Point, on the way to enter the country, a Turkish citizen, aged 66, at the wheel of a vehicle presented himself for border control road. According to the accompanying documents, the man was transporting various goods from Turkey to Romania.

On the occasion of the control at the entry into the country, the border police, together with the customs worker, discovered in the semi-trailer of the road assembly, hidden by the cover method, a considerable amount of cigarettes, flavored tobacco paste (hookah type) and various products likely to be counterfeited . which were not mentioned in the documents accompanying the goods.

In order to carry out thorough checks, the customs worker sealed the road assembly, which was taken over and escorted to the headquarters of the Territorial Service of the Teleorman Border Police, where the border policemen inventoried the goods. On this occasion, the total amount of 127,460 packs of cigarettes of different brands, 3,654 kilograms of flavored tobacco paste (hookah type), as well as 585 clothing items, 32,520 perfumes and 31 watches, which bore the insignia of some brands, were discovered, being susceptible to counterfeiting.

The mentioned products, estimated at a value of approximately 14,000,000 lei if they had been marketed as branded products, were seized in order to continue the research.