Human TraffickingNews

Criminals from ODMVR-Razgrad neutralized an organized criminal group for trafficking in women

The operation was carried out in the early hours of today, after an investigation by the “Criminal Crime Counteraction” sector in ODMVR-Razgrad and the establishment of a criminal group engaged in money laundering and trafficking of women for the purpose of sexual exploitation abroad. Within the framework of an investigation case under Art. 155, para. 5, item 3, Art. 159 B, Art. 159, para. 5 and art. 353, para. 4 of the Criminal Code, procedural and operational-search actions were carried out at two addresses in the Razgrad village of Strazhets. 

During the searches, nearly BGN 12,500, EUR 20,800, two cars, and numerous documents related to the established criminal activity of the group were seized. In the course of the operation, three women were detained – aged 32, 24 and 52, in whose name, according to initial data, properties and vehicles were transferred for the purpose of money laundering. A 24-year-old recidivist was also arrested – criminally proven and convicted of trafficking minors. Charges and remand measures for the four detainees are pending.