Decision of Europol’s Management Board on the situation in Ukraine

 The Europol Management Board discussed yesterday the worsening situation in Ukraine and the potential consequences of the war on the European Union’s internal security. The members of the Board and its Chair gave their unanimous support to Europol; regardless of the changing circumstances amid the crisis, Europol will remain strongly committed alongside the Member States to identify and tackle the criminal threats arising from this major crisis. 

Furthermore, the Board decided to suspend any cooperation with Russia, including through the strategic agreement concluded in November 2003.

Europol continues to work at all levels to support the EU Member States impacted by the conflict. Last week, Europol’s Executive Director, Catherine De Bolle, travelled to Poland to discuss how best to support the Polish authorities, including with the deployment of Europol experts. Poland is currently welcoming an unprecedented number of refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine. Our agency is also in close exchange with the other EU Member States bordering Ukraine, where Europol is currently deploying its experts and Guest Officers.
Europol’s Management Board is an integral part of the Agency’s administrative and management structure, main governance body, and primary stakeholder environment. It provides a unique forum to ensure Europol’s continued development as a trusted partner that successfully meets the needs and expectations of the European Union law enforcement community and, in doing so, contributes to a safer Europe. One of the Management Board’s main responsibilities is to provide strategic guidance to the Agency.
The Management Board is chaired by Mr Jérôme Bonet, Director of the French Central Directorate of the Judicial Police, for the period January 2022 – 2023.