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Dismantled a criminal organization that imported large quantities of drugs from abroad through Spanish ports

In a joint operation of the Spanish Civil Guard, the National Police and the Tax Agency, a criminal organization dedicated to importing large consignments of drugs from abroad through Spanish ports has been dismantled. The operation carried out in Madrid and on the island of Ibiza has resulted in the arrest of 42 people.

Likewise, 32 entries and searches have been carried out, in which 47 kilograms of cocaine, 143 of hashish, 46 of marijuana, 38 of buds, 347,000 euros in cash, as well as different amounts of ecstasy and other synthetic drugs have been seized, in addition of heroin and cutting substances. Four short weapons, three long weapons, cartridges of different calibers, various white weapons and brass knuckles, in addition to 19 vehicles, were also seized.
The operation began last year, when the police forces were carrying out independent operations against drug trafficking, coming together as one.

In said investigation, it was asked to determine that it was a criminal network that operated in Madrid and Ibiza, finding all the members interrelated. The modus operandi was to import large quantities of narcotic substances from abroad through Spanish ports. Once in national territory, it was transferred to Madrid, from where it was redirected to the island of Ibiza using “heated” vehicles, as well as parcel shipments with false affiliations.

For the development of criminal activities, the alleged perpetrators had numerous warehouses, chalets, apartments and storage rooms, which contained important marijuana plantations, large amounts of money and other types of narcotic substances.

Madrid: shipments of cocaine hidden in pineapples

The operation has been divided into various phases. In the first place, in August of last year, a large package was intercepted upon entering the Island of Ibiza, which contained seven kilograms of cocaine, 35 of hashish and 12 of marijuana.

As a result of the coordination between police forces, it was possible to determine the route of the narcotic substance. On the one hand, there was entry through ports such as Algeciras, where shipments of cocaine hidden in pineapples have been seized, and on the other, the indigenous production of other substances, such as marijuana and hashish.

Continuing with the investigation, there was a new seizure of a narcotic substance at the beginning of last month, in the case of 13 kilograms of cocaine hidden in a double-bottomed vehicle upon arrival by ferry in Ibiza from Madrid.

This last intervention, on August 24, proceeded to search 17 homes in Madrid, arresting 16. Large amounts of drugs of all kinds were seized, such as: 10 kilograms of cocaine, 35 kilograms of hashish, three marijuana plantations. Also, four short firearms, three shotguns and other bladed weapons, as well as 163,000 euros in cash, eight vehicles and luxury watches.

Island of Ibiza: 10 drug sales points dismantled

On the island of Ibiza, the searches were carried out in the towns of Ibiza and San José and 26 people were arrested. In the 15 records carried out, three marijuana plantations with 1,000 plants were dismantled and 18 kilos of dry buds were seized.

In addition, 10 drug sales points were dismantled, in which various amounts of cocaine, hashish, ecstasy, pink cocaine and other designer drugs were seized. In addition, the seizure of 11 vehicles and the amount of 178,000 euros in cash was achieved. In this same operation, 31 kilos of cocaine, 35 kilos of hashish and 20 kilos of marijuana buds were also seized in previous weeks when they were going to be introduced into the Balearic Archipelago.