Dismantled an organization that used jet skis to introduce hashish from Ceuta

The Spanish Civil Guard, within the framework of the “BRAVE” operation, has dismantled a criminal organization dedicated to hashish trafficking through the use of recreational boats and jet skis. In total, 51 people have been investigated, of whom 20 have been arrested and more than four tons of hashish, 122 grams of cocaine, five recreational boats, four jet skis and five vehicles have been seized.

The investigation began in September 2021 when the existence of an organization dedicated to the introduction of hashish became known. Most of its members lived in Ceuta, had the collaboration of other residents of Algeciras and had a high standard of living that did not correspond to their income.

The criminal organization used two methods to carry out its caches: “anchoring” and through recreational boats. The first is that a boat departs from the coast of Morocco with the narcotic substance, which is dropped at previously stipulated coordinates with the person who must rescue the drug.

At that point, the crew members throw the bundles of hashish attached to a weight, locating the place with a marine buoy and, later, a boat used by the organization sails to the agreed point and rescues the drug.

The other method used by the organization consists of using recreational boats, which, given their appearance of legality, sail between the marinas of Ceuta and the Campo de Gibraltar. In this way, they took advantage of the volume of vessels that daily transit between these ports to hide.

The investigated organization used the recreational boats to load the substances in Ceuta and sail until they approached the coast of the peninsula. Sometimes they would clean directly on the beach and other times they would transship the drug to the organization’s jet skis. Once the shipment or transshipment was done, the boat returned to the port, taking advantage of the influx of this type of boat to mingle with each other and thus elude police control. Recreational boats have powerful engines from 150 hp to 300 hp, and being short in length, they are powerful enough to transport a considerable amount of drugs. The use of jet skis makes it extremely difficult to follow as they have great maneuverability in the water.

In total, 11 entries and searches have been made in various homes and farms in the towns of Algeciras and Los Barrios, in the province of Cádiz, and in the Autonomous City of Ceuta, where abundant computer and mobile phone material and other pieces were seized. of conviction that are being studied.