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Doculus Lumus Allows Multiple Energy Sources

In today’s technology-driven world, each and every person has more than just one device to charge. Whether that is a smartphone, tablet, laptop, smartwatch or other digital gadgets. But what to do if you are in the middle of your work, your needed tool is empty and there is no chance of charging at the moment?

Doculus Lumus, the mobile document checking device, allows multiple energy sources to examine ID documents in every situation at any time.

Traditionally, most devices rely on a single energy source, such as an accumulator or batteries. This limitation can be problematic where another power source is not easily available, such as remote locations or during long shifts. By enabling the use of multiple energy sources, namely an integrated Lithium-ion accumulator as well as batteries, officers can continue their work. This is perfect for front- and second-line document verification in the field.

Doculus Lumus can be operated in 3 ways: with standard AAA batteries, the optional integrated accumulator, available as Option LI, as well as with rechargeable AAA batteries. Whenever the accumulator runs low and there is no chance to charge at the moment, simply insert two spare batteries. For a more sustainable approach, use rechargeable AAA batteries. The patented technology of Doculus Lumus enables the automatic switch to batteries when the accumulator is empty. At the next convenience or possibility, take the batteries out again and recharge the integrated accumulator. The specially designed belt bag holds space for two spare batteries to bring along in the field.

For front and second line it comes down to reliability. With Doculus Lumus, border guards never run out of energy in their day-to-day work and are able to secure the borders 24/7.