foster+freeman unveils their latest innovation for the examination of Questioned Documents; the VSC900

foster+freeman Ltd, manufacturer of advanced technology for the examination of questioned documents, is pleased to announce the launch of a new mid-range VSC workstation that offers comprehensive forensic-level examination facilities in a compact format.

The all-new, VSC 900 is suitable for a range of questioned document examinations applications. The extensive selection of features makes the new questioned document examination workstation suitable for all manner of printed or handwritten documents, including passports, ID cards and banknotes.

For the travel and identity document examiner, the VSC 900 bridged the gap between frontline passport scanners, and a full-scale forensic-level instrument. The new VSC 900 offers a range of examination facilities that stretch beyond those typically available on the front line.

For the forensic document examiner, the VSC 900 offers a full suite of analysis techniques to distinguish genuine versus counterfeit.

The VSC 900 workstation provides a compact yet powerful alternative to foster+freeman’s flagship product the VSC 8000 H/S, the world’s most advanced Video Spectral Comparator for document examination.