Drug dealers detained by the Border Guard

In the Śląskie Voivodeship, officers from the Silesian Border Guard Unit detained three members of an organized criminal group dealing in drug trafficking in Poland.

Detainees as part of the case supervised by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice are two Polish citizens and one Ukrainian citizen aged 40 to 48. The men were charged with a crime under the Act on Counteracting Drug Addiction.

During the operations, the officers seized a total of 2.12 kilograms of amphetamine with a black market value of about PLN 84,629.60, as well as small amounts of marijuana and hashish, and a dozen MDMA tablets.

In relation to one of the citizens of the Republic of Poland, the District Court Katowice-East in Katowice applied a preventive measure in the form of temporary detention. The prosecutor also issued an order seizing his property. Another citizen of our country heard the allegation of drug possession. A preventive measure in the form of a bail in the amount of PLN 5,000 and police supervision was applied to the citizen of Ukraine.

Further steps in this matter are carried out by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Katowice. The case is of a developmental nature and further detentions of members of the group are foreseen to make the practice a permanent source of income.