Border Patrol Agents Arrest Multiple Passport Imposters

Several individuals traveling aboard a commercial bus were arrested at the Interstate Highway 35 checkpoint for attempting to use other people’s valid U.S. passports.

The incident occurred during the early morning hours of Dec. 11, when Laredo North Station agents at the checkpoint conducted immigration inspections aboard a commercial passenger bus.  During the inspections, agents were presented with U.S. passports by three individuals.  Agents noticed that the individuals did not resemble the photos on the passports and referred the individuals to secondary for further inspection.  Upon further investigation, it was revealed that the individuals were imposters of the documents they provided to the agents.  All were taken into custody to be processed for their immigration violations.

The use of fraudulent documents is a tactic that criminal organizations use to take advantage of people they seek to exploit knowing they will be caught by the keen eyes of agents.  Agents remain vigilant while performing their official duties, enabling legitimate trade and travel through checkpoints.