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Eight Afghan citizens found on the banks of the Danube by Romanian Mehedinţi border guards

At the level of the Iron Gates II Border Police Sector, Mehedinţi County, an action took place of preventing and combating illegal migration of a group of eight foreign citizens.

Immediately, the persons in question were taken to the headquarters of the sector for verifications, where their epidemiological triage was performed. 

During the first checks, the border police established that the people in question are citizens of Afghanistan, aged between 16 and 35.

Also in the investigation, foreign nationals said they crossed the border into Serbia in a motor boat driven by two Afghan citizens who had returned to Serbia.

Border guards have expanded inspections under the supervision of the prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office attached Drobeta Turnu Severin Court to identify all persons involved and to establish criminal entire area in question is carrying out investigations under the accusation of ,, illegal border crossing state “, at the end of which the necessary legal measures will be ordered.