EU countries record 7.5 million entries from Ukraine and Moldova

7.5 million entries to EU, including almost 6.5 million Ukrainian nationals, were recorded from Ukraine and Moldova.

In the last 7 days, fewer Ukrainian citizens entered the EU than returned to their country. From 30 June to 6 July, 265 793 Ukrainians returned to Ukraine, while 252 246 Ukrainians entered the EU. Over recent weeks passenger traffic data indicates a relative stability with the average number of entries and exits to the EU relatively similar. It is likely that circular movements make-up for a great share of the flows.

The number of Ukrainians arriving from Belarus and Russia is fairly stable, with a slight increase on the Russian border. As the fighting on the eastern frontline continues, Ukraine is establishing routes for the return of deported Ukrainians through the Baltic countries. 

High pressure on freight transit at the Romanian and Polish border crossing points is expected as the Ukrainian crop harvest is ongoing and efforts to empty storage capacities likely continue. Passenger flows are also expected to continue at high level, also animated by the usual busy summer season.

Frontex continues to monitor refugee flows to facilitate border crossings and support evacuation corridors. We have deployed 288 officers and staff to countries neighbouring Ukraine to support national authorities with border control.