Frontex deploys return team to Paris

On 30 May, Frontex, the European Border and Coast Guard Agency, deployed a team of forced-return escort and support officers at the Charles-de-Gaulle International Airport to support France with the operational implementation of returns, including return in transit from other Member States.  

The main tasks of the forced-return escort and support officers is to escort persons who have received a return decision from national authorities, to provide ground support in the area of return and to identify and assist vulnerable groups or families with children. 

In addition to training provided by Frontex, this experienced team was also trained by the French authorities in order to facilitate their full integration and effective cooperation with the French colleagues working at the airport.  

Frontex has also deployed teams of forced-return escort and support officers at four other key international airports in Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Austria.  

In 2021, Frontex assisted in returning more than 18 300 people, out of which 26% returned on a voluntary basis. All the non-EU nationals returned with Frontex’s support were not entitled to remain in the EU upon decision of the relevant national authorities in the Member States.