Frontex helping to bring innovation to future border control

Intuitive user interfaces and wearables supported by Artificial Intelligence and with Augmented Reality capabilities, 3D facial and iris verification technology for “real-on-the-move” border crossing experience, digital identity based on blockchain technology, highly accurate and cost effective handheld devices for drug and precursors detection on the field – these are some of the projects we’re helping to develop as part of the Horizon Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

Despite the difficulties associated with the COVID pandemic, we’ve been actively involved in pushing forward these projects in an effort to enhance technological capabilities critical for border security. Together with the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Union (DG HOME) and Executive Research Agency (REA), Frontex has been monitoring the progress of selected EU research projects that soon could lead to important breakthroughs in the area of border security.
Frontex will continue to closely observe the work conducted within these projects, provide feedback and will actively participate in tests, trials and demonstrations.
So far, we’ve identified seven ongoing projects of interest for the European Border and Coast Guard community: ANDROMEDAARESIBOBorderSensCOMPASS2020D4FLYMIRROR and PERCEPTIONS. These address a wide spectrum of technological capabilities critical for border security, including unmanned platforms, document fraud detection, situational awareness, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, integrated systems and identification of illicit drugs and their precursors.
Frontex is continuously increasing its engagement in overseeing the parts of the Horizon Framework Programme for Research and Innovation related to border security. The recently signed Terms of Reference with DG HOME has recognised our key role for the effective implementation of Border Security related Horizon projects. Frontex’s key goals are to bring border and coast guard and research and innovation together to foster technological developments for border management and bring more innovation into the operational environment.
Within the Horizon Research and Innovation Programme the Research Executive Agency, is the entity responsible for managing the grant agreements, coordinating the evaluation and review workflows as well as in general administrative supervision. DG HOME remains responsible for both the design and implementation of the security part of the R&I Framework Programmes.

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