Romanian Border Police confiscate 16,450 packs of cigarettes

The border policemen from the Territorial Inspectorate of the Sighetu Marmației Border Police discovered and confiscated 16,450 packs of cigarettes worth 192,800 lei, a quantity that was to be sold on the black market.

Border guards from the Border Police Sector Valea Vişeului, Maramureș County, carried out an action, in the area of ​​responsibility, on the line of combating cigarette smuggling.

Officers discovered an abandoned car on the side of the road, between Valea Vişeului and Bistra, an Audi A6 car, registered in Romania, which did not justify its presence in the area.

As the border guards approached the car, they noticed inside it several packages similar to those with contraband cigarettes.

As a result, the car with boxes was transported to the headquarters of the sector, where following the inventory it was established that they contain 14,500 packs of Duty Free stamp cigarettes , worth approximately 170,000 lei.

In this case, investigations are being carried out under the aspect of committing the crime of smuggling, and the entire quantity of cigarettes was seized for confiscation.

At the same time, the car worth 6,000 lei was made unavailable at the institution’s headquarters, until the completion of the investigation.

The verifications are continued in order to detect the persons involved and to document the entire criminal activity, and in the end the necessary legal measures will be taken.

Border police officers from the Brodina Border Police Sector launched an action to combat smuggling of cigarettes of Ukrainian origin.

Officers discovered in the border area, in the direction of Brodina locality, Suceava county, a package that turned out to contain 1,950 packs of cigarettes , worth 22,800 lei.

The entire quantity of cigarettes was seized, and the border guards are investigating the crime of smuggling.

Further checks are carried out in order to identify the persons involved in the criminal activity and to hold them accountable.