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Goods likely to be counterfeit, estimated at a value of approximately 146,000 lei

At the Romanian Călărași Border Crossing Point, a Turkish citizen who, according to the documents accompanying the goods, presented himself at the entrance to the country, was transporting clothing for a commercial company on the territory of Romania.

Following some information held, as well as the risk analysis carried out by the Bucharest Regional Customs Directorate, at the level of the Border Police, measures were ordered to identify the transport and carry out a thorough control of the means of transport.

Thus, the mixed team made up of inspectors from the Bucharest Regional Customs Directorate, from the Mobile Team Bureau and border policemen from the Călărași Border Police Sector, proceeded to unseal the means of transport and check the transported goods.

Following the inventory, the amount of 6,946 articles of clothing and footwear, all bearing the insignia of well-known brands, was found to be likely to be counterfeit.

The goods, worth 145,300 lei, if they had been marketed as branded products, were seized by DGV inspectors.